Level 6 Certificate in Management

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International Students can apply

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Level 6 Certificate in Management


The Level 6 Certificate in Management is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership and management roles. This certificate covers various key areas of management, including strategic planning, organizational behavior, financial management, and project management. Participants will gain a deep understanding of effective management principles, techniques, and best practices. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, this course aims to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. It also focuses on enhancing communication and interpersonal skills, fostering teamwork, and developing the ability to lead and motivate others. Overall, the Level 6 Certificate in Management prepares individuals to take on managerial responsibilities and succeed in diverse professional settings.

The Level 6 Certificate in Management is a comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring managers and professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership roles. This certificate is suitable for individuals from diverse industries who aspire to enhance their management abilities and drive organizational success.

By enrolling in this certificate program, you will develop a deep understanding of key management principles, including strategic planning, decision-making, team leadership, effective communication, and organizational development. You will also gain insights into emerging trends and practices in the field of management, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation within your organization.

Whether you are a mid-level manager seeking to advance your career or an aspiring leader looking to transition into a management role, the Level 6 Certificate in Management will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in today's dynamic business environment. Elevate your management capabilities, broaden your career prospects, and make a lasting impact with this comprehensive certificate program.

Entry requirements

Level 5 diploma or GCE/GCSE or equivalent overseas qualification 5 years work experience

International Students can apply

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Course Content

Mandatory Units
- Leadership and Management

Optional Units
- Human Resource Management
- Strategic Marketing


The evaluation process is conducted through the submission of assignments, and there are no written examinations involved.

Fee and Payment Plans

30 to 40% Cheaper than most Universities and Colleges


The programme is available in two duration modes:

6 months: GBP £1250
9 months: GBP £950
This programme does not have any additional costs.
The fee is payable in monthly, quarterly, half yearly instalments.
You can avail 5% discount if you pay the full fee upfront in 1 instalment

Payment plans

6 months - GBP £1250

● Payment option (a): GBP £416 x 3 monthly instalments
● Payment option (b): GBP £1187.50 x 1 instalment (We offer 5% bursary on total fee for students opting to pay in full)

9 months - GBP £950

● Payment option (c): GBP £190 x 5 monthly instalments
● Payment option (d): GBP £475 x 2 quarterly instalments
● Payment option (e): GBP £902.50 x 1 instalment (We offer 5% bursary on total fee for students opting to pay in full)

Our course fee is upto 40% cheaper than most universities and colleges.

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Career path

Upon completion of the Level 6 Certificate in Management, individuals can pursue various career paths in the field of management. Graduates of this program can find employment in both public and private sector organizations, across a wide range of industries. Some potential career paths include:

1. Managerial roles: Graduates can aspire to become managers in various departments such as operations, finance, human resources, marketing, or project management. They can lead teams, oversee operations, and drive organizational success.

2. Team leader/supervisor: The certificate equips individuals with the skills to effectively lead and supervise teams, making them valuable assets in organizations where strong team leadership is required.

3. Business consultant: With their comprehensive understanding of management principles, graduates can work as consultants, providing expert advice and guidance to organizations on improving performance and achieving strategic objectives.

4. Entrepreneurship: The knowledge and skills gained from the certificate can be applied to starting and managing one's own business venture.

5. Further education: The Level 6 Certificate in Management can serve as a stepping stone for individuals seeking to pursue further education at the diploma or degree level in management or a related field.

Overall, the Level 6 Certificate in Management opens up diverse career opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their management skills and excel in their professional careers.

Key facts about Level 6 Certificate in Management

"Level 6 Certificate in Management. Accredited Program. Flexible Online Learning. Develop Comprehensive Management Skills. In-depth Study of Leadership, Decision-Making, and Strategy. Elevate Your Management Career. Enroll Now for Expertise in Management!"

Why this course?

"Level Up Your Career with a Level 6 Certificate in Management. Accredited Program. Flexible Online Learning. Master Essential Management Skills. Deep Dive into Leadership, Decision-Making, and Strategic Planning. Elevate Your Professional Trajectory. Stay Competitive in Management Roles. Enroll Now for Management Excellence!"

Who should enrol in Level 6 Certificate in Management?

The Level 6 Certificate in Management is designed for professionals and aspiring leaders who are seeking to enhance their management skills and advance their careers. This certificate program is ideal for mid-level managers, team leaders, and individuals looking to transition into management roles.

Whether you are working in the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, or entrepreneurial ventures, this certificate provides you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively lead teams, drive organizational growth, and make strategic decisions.

This program is suitable for individuals who are looking to develop a solid foundation in management principles and gain practical skills in areas such as strategic planning, team leadership, communication, and problem-solving. It is also beneficial for professionals who want to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the field of management.

By obtaining the Level 6 Certificate in Management, you will enhance your leadership capabilities, expand your career opportunities, and contribute to the success of your organization. Take the next step in your professional journey and enroll in this comprehensive certificate program today.


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