Level 2 Certificate in Digital and IT Skills

Monday, 20 May 2024 18:32:38

International Students can apply

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Level 2 Certificate in Digital and IT Skills


The Level 2 certificate in Digital and IT Skills is a comprehensive program that aims to develop learners digital and IT skills in various areas. The course covers a wide range of topics related to digital technologies, software applications, and IT fundamentals.

The Level 2 certificate in Digital and IT Skills is a comprehensive program designed to equip learners with essential digital and IT skills. The course covers a wide range of topics to provide a solid foundation in various aspects of digital technology and information technology. The curriculum is designed to be practical and hands-on, allowing learners to develop practical skills that are relevant to today is digital landscape.

Throughout the course, learners will be introduced to fundamental concepts and tools in digital and IT domains. They will gain an understanding of digital technologies, computer systems, software applications, and online platforms. Practical skills in areas such as digital communication, data management, multimedia creation, and website development will be developed.

Entry requirements

The program operates on an open enrollment basis, and there are no specific entry requirements. Individuals with a genuine interest in the subject matter are welcome to participate.

International Students can apply

Joining our world will be life-changing with a student body representing over 157 nationalities.

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Course Content

1. IT fundamentals: Introduction to computer systems, hardware, software, and basic IT concepts.

2. Digital communication: Using digital tools and platforms for communication, including email, messaging apps, and video conferencing.

3. Digital skills for productivity: Utilizing digital tools for document creation, editing, and collaboration, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

4. Digital safety and security: Understanding online security threats, implementing best practices for online safety, and protecting digital information.

5. Web and multimedia: Basic web design principles, creating and editing digital images, and using multimedia tools.

6. Data management: Introduction to data management concepts, databases, and data analysis.

7. Digital marketing: Introduction to digital marketing strategies, social media platforms, and online advertising.

8. IT support: Basic IT troubleshooting and support skills, including resolving common software and hardware issues.


The evaluation process is conducted through the submission of assignments, and there are no written examinations involved.

Fee and Payment Plans

30 to 40% Cheaper than most Universities and Colleges


The programme is available in two duration modes:

1 month (Fast-track mode): £140
2 months (Standard mode): £90

Our course fee is upto 40% cheaper than most universities and colleges.

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Awarded by

This program is not intended to replace or serve as an equivalent to obtaining a formal degree or diploma. It should be noted that this course is not accredited by a recognised awarding body or regulated by an authorised institution/ body.

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Career path

The Level 2 certificate in Digital and IT Skills can open up various career paths in the digital and IT industries. This qualification provides learners with foundational knowledge and practical skills that are highly sought after in today digital-driven world. Some potential career paths and job roles that graduates of this certificate may pursue include:

1. Digital Marketing Assistant: Assisting in digital marketing campaigns, managing social media accounts, and analyzing digital marketing data.

2. IT Support Technician: Providing technical support to users, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, and maintaining computer systems.

3. Web Developer: Designing and developing websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and implementing web-based solutions for clients.

4. Data Entry Operator: Entering and managing data in computer systems, maintaining data accuracy, and generating reports.

5. Administrative Assistant: Utilizing digital tools and software for office tasks such as document management, scheduling, and communication.

6. Customer Support Representative: Providing technical support and assistance to customers via phone, email, or online platforms.

7. Digital Content Creator: Creating and editing digital content such as graphics, videos, and blog posts for online platforms.

8. E-commerce Assistant: Assisting with online sales operations, managing e-commerce platforms, and ensuring smooth order processing.

These are just a few examples, and the actual career opportunities may vary depending on the specific skills and interests of the individual. Graduates of the Level 2 certificate in Digital and IT Skills can further their education or gain relevant work experience to advance in their chosen career paths.

Key facts about Level 2 Certificate in Digital and IT Skills

Key Facts for the course "Level 2 certificate in Digital and IT Skills":

1. Enhance your digital skills and increase your employability in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
2. Gain practical knowledge in essential areas such as computer systems, software applications, digital communication, and information management.
3. Develop a strong foundation in IT skills including data handling, digital marketing, web development, and cybersecurity.
4. Industry-recognized qualification that demonstrates your proficiency in digital and IT skills.
5. Flexible learning options available, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience.
6. Experienced instructors provide guidance and support throughout the course.
7. Open doors to diverse career opportunities in IT support, digital marketing, web development, data analysis, and more.
8. Affordable tuition fees and potential financial assistance options.
9. Hands-on projects and practical assessments to apply your skills in real-world scenarios.
10. Start your journey towards a successful career in the digital age. Enroll today!

Why this course?

The course "Level 2 certificate in Digital and IT Skills" is essential in today's digital era. With the increasing demand for digital literacy and technological expertise, this course equips you with the necessary skills to thrive in various industries. By gaining proficiency in digital and IT skills, you enhance your employability, career prospects, and adaptability to the digital transformation. This certificate provides a comprehensive understanding of computer systems, software applications, data handling, digital marketing, web development, and cybersecurity. Whether you aspire to be an IT professional, digital marketer, or web developer, this course opens doors to a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Enroll now and stay ahead in the digital age!


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