Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations

Monday, 20 May 2024 18:21:01

International Students can apply

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Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations


The Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations is a specialized program that provides learners with the knowledge and skills required for entry-level positions in the logistics industry. This qualification focuses on the fundamental principles and practices of logistics operations, equipping learners with the necessary foundation to work effectively in this field.

The Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations is a focused program that provides learners with essential knowledge and skills to work in the logistics industry. This qualification aims to equip individuals with a solid understanding of the key concepts and practices involved in logistics operations.

Entry requirements

The program operates on an open enrollment basis, and there are no specific entry requirements. Individuals with a genuine interest in the subject matter are welcome to participate.

International Students can apply

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Course Content

1. Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain: This module provides an overview of the logistics and supply chain industry, including key concepts, roles, and functions within the field.

2. Warehousing Operations: Learners gain knowledge about warehouse management, inventory control, storage systems, and handling procedures.

3. Transport Operations: This module covers the basics of transportation management, including modes of transport, freight forwarding, route planning, and documentation.

4. Customer Service in Logistics: Students learn about customer service principles and practices in the logistics context, focusing on meeting customer needs and resolving issues.

5. Health and Safety in Logistics: This module addresses health and safety regulations, risk assessment, and safe working practices in logistics operations.


The evaluation process is conducted through the submission of assignments, and there are no written examinations involved.

Fee and Payment Plans

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The programme is available in two duration modes:

1 month (Fast-track mode): £140
2 months (Standard mode): £90

Our course fee is upto 40% cheaper than most universities and colleges.

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This program is not intended to replace or serve as an equivalent to obtaining a formal degree or diploma. It should be noted that this course is not accredited by a recognised awarding body or regulated by an authorised institution/ body.

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Career path

The Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations can provide a pathway to various entry-level positions and career opportunities within the logistics and supply chain industry. Here are some potential career paths for individuals who have completed this qualification:

1. Warehouse Operative: With the Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations, you can start a career as a warehouse operative. In this role, you will be responsible for tasks such as receiving, storing, and dispatching goods, maintaining inventory records, and operating warehouse equipment.

2. Logistics Coordinator: This qualification can help you pursue a role as a logistics coordinator, where you will be involved in coordinating the movement of goods, managing transportation schedules, liaising with suppliers and customers, and ensuring the smooth flow of operations within the supply chain.

3. Transport Administrator: The Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations can open doors to positions as a transport administrator. In this role, you will assist in coordinating transportation activities, maintaining transportation records, organizing vehicle schedules, and supporting driver management.

4. Freight Forwarding Assistant: This qualification can lead to opportunities as a freight forwarding assistant. In this role, you will assist in arranging and coordinating the movement of goods across different modes of transportation, managing shipping documentation, and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

5. Inventory Controller: With the knowledge and skills gained from the Level 2 Award, you can pursue a career as an inventory controller. In this role, you will be responsible for monitoring and managing inventory levels, conducting stock audits, analyzing demand patterns, and optimizing inventory processes.

6. Supply Chain Assistant: This qualification can also serve as a stepping stone to a role as a supply chain assistant. In this position, you will support the overall supply chain operations, assist in demand planning, coordinate with suppliers and distributors, and contribute to the improvement of supply chain processes.

It is important to note that the specific career paths available may vary depending on factors such as industry sector, geographical location, and individual skills and experience. Additionally, further education, training, and experience can help individuals progress to more senior positions within the logistics and supply chain field.

Key facts about Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations

Key facts for the course "Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations":

1. Comprehensive Training: The Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge in logistics and supply chain management.

2. Industry-Relevant Skills: Gain practical skills in areas such as inventory management, transport planning, warehousing, and customer service, which are highly valued by employers in the logistics sector.

3. Recognized Qualification: This award is nationally recognized and demonstrates your competence and understanding of logistics operations, enhancing your employability and career prospects.

4. Flexible Learning Options: Choose from a range of study modes, including part-time, online, or in-person, to fit your schedule and learning preferences.

5. Career Opportunities: Graduates of this course can pursue a variety of roles in logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, and transportation, with opportunities for career growth and advancement.

6. Industry Connections: Benefit from networking opportunities and industry connections through guest lectures, industry partnerships, and work placements, helping you establish valuable connections within the logistics field.

7. Practical Experience: Gain hands-on experience through practical training, simulations, and real-world case studies, allowing you to apply your knowledge and skills in real logistics scenarios.

Enroll in the Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations today to kickstart your career in the dynamic and in-demand field of logistics.

Why this course?

The course "Level 2 Award in Logistics Operations" is essential for individuals aspiring to excel in the logistics industry. This comprehensive training program equips students with industry-relevant skills such as inventory management, transport planning, and warehousing. By obtaining this nationally recognized qualification, graduates enhance their employability and open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, and transportation. With flexible learning options and practical experience, this course prepares students for success in the dynamic logistics field. Enroll today to gain the knowledge, skills, and industry connections needed to thrive in the competitive logistics industry.


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