Web design is more in demand than ever and many companies now prefer to have in-house team members with web design skills, rather than outsourcing to agencies. This has opened up many doors to jobs in this field, across a wide range of sectors.

Skills in this discipline will continue to be in demand, but it’s crucial to ensure you are up to date with the latest technology developments and best practice. Through training in website design, Dreamweaver, and a range of other industry standard software programme you can be confident you will gain the digital skills required to land your dream job as a web designer.


If you’re a creative person with an eye for design and a passion for technology, Web Design Specialist Diploma is a great choice. This role will allow you to not only express your creative side; but also enable you to gain the technical knowledge that is required to make things happen online. With our Web Specialist Diploma your skills will be increasingly in demand as the world of new technology continues to grow.

Course Specification:

Whether you are designing your personal website or developing a commercial website, our web design course will equip you with the required skills to enable you design the site efficiently.

Our web design course covers all the latest designing softwares and technologies like

  • Adobe Dreamweaver,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • HTML5 and XHTML,
  • JQuery,
  • Javascript,
  • CSS2, CCS3 and more.

    Job and Career Opportunities:

    Seek job as Web Designer, Graphic Designer,Web Developer, UI Designer or be freelancer etc.

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