This qualification is designed for those who have or will have frequent contact with customers as part of their job role and responsibility. It is designed to develop learners knowledge, understanding and skills to work effectively in a customer service role and equips them to enter in to employment in a customer service role.
The units incorporate recognised customer service terminology and cover up to date techniques and mediums for the delivery of customer service, including online services and social media. Employers have been consulted throughout the development to ensure the content of the qualification is full and relevant to ensure learners are occupationally competent in the workplace.

The primary purpose of this QCF (Qualifications Credit Framework) qualification is to support your progression to higher education, specifically to a customer service related course.


It has been designed for learners who wish to progress to a customer sevice diploma but may not have the traditional entry qualifications usually required.Learners must complete 6 mandatory units and optional units worth 55 credits to achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service.

With LSIB you will get following advantage in order to study on-line.

  • Same diploma as on-campus students
  • Recognised diploma accepted by universities for Top up with a degree.
  • Assessments via assignment submission
  • You study on-line at your own pace

Online learning

In this format, you have access to your learning portal. You get a study plan to keep you on top of your studies and you get access to your online tutor to ask questions.

- Monthly and quarterly instalments are also available.
- Study material or e-library access available.


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Face to face via Webcam

In this format, you blend online learning with live face to face lectures via webcam. The fees include 16 hours of lectures delivered via webcam by the professor.

- Monthly and quarterly instalments are also available.
- Study material or e-library access available.


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Who is this course for?

This qualification will suit you if you are planning to take a customer service degree but do not yet have sufficient, relevant attainment at Level 3 to meet the entry requirements for a higher education course.

Career Path

The customer service-related knowledge, skills and understanding that the Diploma will have helped you develop will also prepare you to progress to a Level 4 customer service qualification.

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