This course is designed to explore the mechanisms for resource management to achieve the aims of the organisation, this unit also investigates the strategic importance of resources and decision making. To understand the roles and strategies used in acquiring, managing, and developing human, physical and technological assets. To understand the importance of marketing/human resources in achieving business aims and objectives, and the roles, strategies and processes used to manage the marketing/human resource function. This unit explores how organisation and management theories support the practical analysis and design of organisations. The unit also investigates the strategic importance of organisational change. It examines the factors that promote and limit the achievement of change objectives for the dynamic environment within which organisations operate

This course demonstrates the importance of economics and finance in oil and gas with respect to petroleum energy. Once finance is placed in context, the unit covers financial reporting and the way financial performance is measured. This unit also gives in-depth knowledge in economics and financial aspects of oil and gas. It is aimed at producing internationally minded professionals able to take up positions requiring multidisciplinary skills. It explains how the financial management of each organisation is influenced by its governance and ownership structure as well as accounting standards and the ethical basis on which financial reporting is organised.


This course equips learners with the skills to apply significantly based techniques to work-related problems. Learners learn to apply skills in business forecasting, quantitative and heuristic problem-solving, logistics, quality management, and to develop decision support, scheduling and control systems. The unit enables the learner to develop an in-depth study of logistics and Operations management. Learners who aspire to work effectively in oil and gas industry to lead teams will develop knowledge, understanding and skills to fulfil these aspirations.

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What will you learn?

  • Learner will understand the role of human resource management in supporting business strategy
  • Learner will understand a range of classical and contemporary models, concepts and tools in business strategy and planning
  • Learner will understand the processes by which organisations identify and develop their goals and values
  • Learner will understand the impact of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors on an organisation
  • Understand the accounting entries required for the different phases of the activities of international oil and gas exploration and production companies
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