Level 6 Certificate in Project Management is designed to provide a higher level approach to study within a business/industry context. The qualification focuses on conceptual and strategic elements of a manager’s role. The Level 6 Certificate in Project Management addresses the requirement, irrespective of the industry in question, for effective management and leadership skills. Development of these skills is recognised as crucial in achieving organisational objectives and maintaining a motivated and productive workforce.

This qualification gives an insight into, inter alia, the nature of management and the importance of effective leadership for organisational success. As such, it is particularly suitable for learners who are already employed in first line management roles, those learners who are considering entry into a management role or those with time constraints on more comprehensive study. The course of study places emphasis on the fundamental aspects of leadership, management and practical skills development, including valuable transferable skills.

With LSIB you will get following advantage in order to study on-line.

  • Same Certificate as on-campus students
  • Recognised Certificate accepted by universities for Top up with a degree.
  • Assessments via assignment submission
  • You study on-line at your own pace

Online learning

In this format, you have access to your learning portal. You get a study plan to keep you on top of your studies and you get access to your online tutor to ask questions.

- Monthly and quarterly instalments are also available.
- Study material or e-library access available.


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Face to face via Webcam

In this format, you blend online learning with live face to face lectures via webcam. The fees include 16 hours of lectures delivered via webcam by the professor.

- Monthly and quarterly instalments are also available.
- Study material or e-library access available.


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Qualification Objectives

  • Provide pathways for learners to develop their careers within management
  • Enable progression to further study (full diploma and/or higher level study) or to a graduate or further professional qualification in a related area
  • Enable learners to progress to management level or enter employment at management level in a wide range of industries
  • Generate opportunities for learners to acquire higher level management skills in a business context
  • Develop one’s professional status by upgrading/supplementing knowledge from other management courses

NB. Learners who wish to progress to full diploma study can use relevant credits achieved in the certificate level qualifications towards their subsequent studies. This qualification is suitable for learners who have completed Level 5 Certificate in Management. Also the qualification will render opportunities of learners to get into Managerial positions in organisations.

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